JGT’s New Distance, Date & Venue

We are excited to announce that Jack’s Generic Triathlon will return on August 26, 2018. This last Sunday in August is hopeful to bring some nice weather as we head into fall.
After starting at Texas Ski Ranch, followed by a few years at Lake Pflugerville, Jack’s Generic will move to Walter E. Long Park in Austin, Texas. This will the first time Jack’s Generic Tri will be at this venue.

With the new venue, JGT, as it is loving called by its fans, will condense to one distance. The new distance will be a 600 meter Swim, 11.2-mile Bike, and 5K Run. This sprint distance will be a fun experience for both beginner and experienced athletes.  The event will also have a relay option, 2 or 3 person relay teams split the 3 disciplines. The event will also feature an Aquabike event with a 600 meter Swim and 11.2-mile Bike.

“We are really excited about the new venue and distance. Jack’s Generic Triathlon is our longest running triathlon, as we think that the triathlon community will enjoy the race even more in 2018” Stacy Keese, owner of High Five Events.

Jack’s Generic Triathlon was founded by Jack Murray & Stacy Keese in 2003, at a time when they thought many triathlons had forgotten about the participants. Events had become so focused on getting big sponsors, accommodating pro athletes, and trying to look good that they sometimes neglected the actual product – the race. Athletes ended up paying more, but their racing experience was actually less. Jack had the idea to put on a race with very little pomp & circumstance, yet at the core be a great race. It would be well organized, safe, good value, and of course, fun. It reminded him of the generic aisle at the supermarket: It’s the same quality products, sometimes even better, but you don’t have to pay for the fancy packaging. And hence, the name Jack’s Generic Triathlon was born.

Today, the event has a lot more fancy packaging, but at its core, it is still all about the participants. Each edition is designed, planned, and priced with you, at the forefront of the experience.

Registration for 2018 Jack’s Generic Triathlon is now open!


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