5 Easy Ways to Calm Your Pre-race Nerves for Jack's Generic Tri

5 Easy Ways to Calm Your Pre-race Nerves for Jack’s Generic Tri

Pre-race jitters are bound to happen on race morning of Jack’s Generic Tri. We have 5 easy ways to calm your pre-race nerves

Even if Jack’s Generic Tri isn’t your first triathlon, you’re more than likely going to experience some pre-race nerves. This is totally normal, so we’ve created a list of 5 easy ways to help you overcome your pre-race jitters and focus on what’s important at Jack’s Generic Tri: swimming, biking, and running!

calm pre-race nerves by getting your tri gear together the night before

JGT participant setting up her gear in transition!

Get All Your Gear Together the Night Before

Hopefully, you’ve already completed a full bike tune-up to make sure your ride is good to go. Now, layout your tri gear (e.g. helmet, running shoes, cycling shoes, goggles, sunglasses, etc.) as you would in the transition area to have an idea of what you’re going to do. It’s a great idea to set up a practice transition area for yourself, to know you can execute your transition game plan with ease. Pro tip: Make sure you put your JGT wristband on the night before. This leaves one less thing to remember early on race morning. 

Carpool with Other JGT Participants 

Having friends who are completing the tri with you is a great way to get rid of any pre-race nerves and replace them with excitement! Being surrounded by other triathletes about to take on the race is a great chance to discuss any last-minute hesitations you may have, but more importantly,  get each other pumped up to finish what you’ve been working so hard for! Turn on some tunes, and jam out to your favorite training songs to remember why you originally fell in love with the sport!

Remember Your Training

Doubting your abilities is the last thing you should be doing on race morning. You did the research, you found a training plan that you stuck with, so don’t choose now to forget all the hard work you’ve put in for this! Instead of focusing on what’s ahead of you, remember all the miles you tracked, hours in the pool, and the brutal (but always worth it) brick workouts you’ve completed to get you to the Jack’s Generic Tri start line. Take a deep breath to calm your nerves, you’ve got this!

Invite Some Friends to Cheer You On! 

Knowing your friends and loved ones are there along the course to cheer you on every step of the way will give you the extra boost of confidence you need to keep pushing yourself. Having a support system is a great thing to focus on during the race AND you know they’ll be waiting for you to cross the finish line. 


JGT pre-racw warm up with Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator trainer leading the pre-race stretch!

Take Advantage of the Prerace Warm-Up 

Camp Gladiator will be there to lead a group warm-up for all the JGT participants. Take advantage of this time! Steady your breathing and get your blood flowing. If you still find yourself feeling nervous, really focus on the stretches you are doing at that moment to put all your thoughts into that. This should give you a moment to quiet your anxious thoughts and relax your mind.


Even with all these great tips in mind, we’re all human and the nerves are unavoidable. Best piece of advice: take those nerves and focus them into some positive energy for extra motivation to do your best! You’re going to do great, and we’ll be there at the finish line waiting to congratulate you!