Start building your home gym with these 6 items

More and more people are working out from home. There are no gym fees, you save time, and you have everything to yourself! Building your home gym is possible and can keep your training on track. You can always walk out your front door and go for a run. If you have a bike you can knock out some miles around your neighborhood.

Compliment those cardio workouts with strength training without ever leaving your home. You don’t need expensive equipment, but you do want it to be reliable. Check out the 6 items below and start building your very own home gym today.

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Yoga mat

Yoga mats provide a cushioned surface to exercise on. They help protect your body from the hard and cold floor when you do certain workouts. As the name indicates, they are good for yoga too. A good yoga mat will stay in place and not slide everywhere.

Jump rope

The jump rope is a great addition to any home gym. It can provide a good cardio workout and increase your strength. Some ropes weigh differently to generate resistance. They’re a great way to begin or finish any workout.

Exercise ball

These are highly recommended for any home gym. The exercise ball is made from a plastic material that’s meant to not burst. It’s pliable and used for working out your back and spine. The ball is also used to increase balance and abdominal and muscular strength. You can combine the exercise ball with weights for an added challenge and to work on your core stability.

Resistance bands

This versatile and customizable equipment won’t take up much space in your home gym. These bands help you focus your control, especially the angles of exercises you do. You can strengthen muscle regular weights might not target. They can come in different colors, lengths, sizes, and levels of resistance. In addition to strength training, resistance bands are perfect for pre- and post-workout stretching.


Also known as dumbbells, these are a great way to build overall body strength. They normally come in one weight, like 5, 10, or 20 pounds. However, some newer weights are designed to be customizable. This allows you to select the weight you want for a particular workout.

Pull-up bar

This multi-use device takes up little room and can be easily placed in and removed from a door frame. Once you take it down, you can place it on the ground for tricep dips and push-ups. This item is excellent at improving your overall fitness by using bodyweight resistance.

As you can tell, a home gym is not that hard to have. You just have to get started. Any one of the above items is an ideal place to start. Now you can conveniently fit your workouts into your day on your own time. Even better, track all of your progress on one of these helpful training apps.