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How to Wrap Your Handlebars

Expand your grease monkey skills when you learn how to wrap your handlebars The more you can learn about your bike the better. You become more knowledgeable about bikes in general while becoming more intimate with your bike and all of its nuances. Riders who ride often might re-wrap their handlebars annually. You can wrap […]

Cycling Clothes for Colder Weather

The proper cycling clothes can protect you on your winter bike rides Not wearing enough cycling clothes can keep the body from warming up properly, leaving you with a greater chance of injury and staying cold. Your cycling clothes can also help protect your skin by helping to prevent chafing and irritation. The material helps […]

Two Reasons for Skipping Chains

Learn what causes skipping chains and what you can do about it There are two main causes for skipping chains. The most common cause is the misalignment of the rear cogs and the chain itself. The second most common cause of skipping chains is wearing on the chain, cassette, and/or the chainrings. Read below to see […]

Proper Air Pressure

Proper air pressure can make all the difference There are a lot of questions out there about how much air pressure a road bike tire should have. Proper air pressure is a hot topic among wheel and tire manufacturers and triathletes alike. Most of the major companies have invested time and money into testing what […]

Pre-Ride Safety Inspection

Use the 8 tips below when conducting your pre-ride safety inspection This pre-ride safety inspection will help prevent avoidable accidents and keep you spinning happily! Check your tires for proper inflation (marked on the side of the tire) Check the tire treads for excessive wear or other damage, such as embedded glass or other objects […]

Book Release: Control Your Success

Control Your Success shares the experiences of a veteran triathlete and coach With his new book, Control Your Success, Stephan Schwarze shares some of his experiences from many years of racing and coaching athletes. He presents a framework of habits and strategies performing as an athlete while being successful at work and having a family. It […]

16th Annual Jack’s Generic Triathlon Memorable

1,000+ people showed up to celebrate 16th annual JGT, including a 2x Olympic gold medalist On Sunday, August 26th, nearly 700 triathletes participated in the 16th Annual Jack’s Generic Triathlon (JGT) at Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park in northeast Austin. Spectators came from around Central Texas to cheer on friends and loved ones. The Drunk […]

Jack’s Generic Triathlon Celebrates Sweet 16 this Sunday

Sweet 16 to feature super relay team consisting of an Olympic gold medalist, ultra cycling champion, Olympic Marathon Trials hopeful The 2018 triathlon season continues with Jack’s Generic Triathlon’s Sweet 16. The event will take place this Sunday, August 26th, at Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park in northwest Austin. More than 800 participants will participate in the […]

Must-Have Post-Race Treats

What are your go-to post-race treats when you’re done racing? The 16th annual Jack’s Generic Tri takes place later this month (Aug. 26th). We asked the High Five Events crew about their favorite post-race treats. Everyone has something they do/eat/drink/etc. after racing as a reward or tradition. That something could begin your recovery, ease the pain, […]

5 Tips for Training in the Heat

Summer is settling in, take precautions when training in the heat Even with summer thunderstorms, temperatures in Central Texas consistently hit the mid-90s. Take a look at the heat index and it’s almost always triple digits. High temperatures won’t keep you from training, so you need to make some adjustments. Training in the heat does […]