Packet Pick Up Like a Pro

Picking up your packet is easy but does require certain steps to be followed. Jack’s Generic Triathlon is USAT sanctioned (you can read about what that means here) and has certain requirements to pick up your packet.

Important note for relay teams: Relay teams must come to the Expo together to pick up their packets and each team member must have a valid USAT license. If you come separately, the timing chip and bibs will not be released until all members have checked in and shown USAT membership & Valid ID.

1.When & Where to pick up your packet.

You must pick up your packet during these hours. To avoid the biggest line do not come in the first hour that it is open each day. Mellow Johnny’s is offering 10% off (excluding bikes) when you show your bib at checkout so plan some time for shopping

Mellow Johnny’s (400 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701)

Friday, August 23rd      12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Saturday, August 24th   11:00 am – 5:00 pm

If you are coming from out of town, please see full schedule for Out of Town Packet Pick Up.

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2. Have Your Photo ID

Only the participant can pick up their packet, not their spouse, child, parent, coworker, etc. The photo ID must be valid.

Youth athletes without an ID must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a photo ID.

3. USAT Membership

If you purchased a 1-Day during registration we will have this on record for you. If not, you must show your USAT membership card. Those not having proof of USAT membership will be required to purchase a 1-day license for $15. There will not be computers there to print your proof, but there is a phone app!

4. Your Packet

Your packet will include an envelope with your bib, timing chip, stickers, a swim cap, and transition wristband. You have to have this wristband on to enter transition so be sure to put it on before you leave for the race site in the morning.

You will also receive your participant tank and limited edition sunglasses. Shirts can only be exchanged after the event. Your water bottle and finisher medal will be waiting for you at the finish line.

It is best to check your envelope to make sure that all of the numbers match. We are all human and though it is rare there are sometimes errors made while stuffing the packets.

5. Have questions? We are here to help!

We will have staff there to help answer any of your questions. Also, feel free to ask a volunteer, many of them are veterans of the sport and can help you with advice. If you are new to triathlon you can also check out these pre-race tips from The Rookie Triathlon.

Ways to Stay Motivated

Our Favorite Ways to stay motivated after a triathlon:

austin triathlon club

Get a coach or training buddy:

Coaches and training friends help you stay accountable. They’ll ask where you were if you don’t show up. You don’t want to let them down or disappoint them with lame excuses. So find some friends to swim, bike or run with! You could also join a club like Austin Duathletes or Austin Tri Club.

Set goals with rewards for achieving them:

One example – get up every day of the week and go on a morning run. Reward yourself with a new pair of sunglasses at the end of the week when you meet the goal. New gear is motivating in itself.

Go watch or volunteer at a tri:

Nothing is more motivating than being on the sidelines. Seeing the physical capabilities and watching an athlete’s muscles work is inspiring. So next time you feel less than motivated, go watch others and cheer or volunteer. Check out volunteer positions at Kerrville Triathlon on September 29 & 30th.

Look at your old race photos:

Reliving the moment can get you back into that place of being high on life. You’ll see how good you looked and remember how good it felt to cross the line. See Your JGT photos

Dig up your old race shirts and medals:

Pull out your favorite race shirts and finisher medals. While you’re at it, go ahead and put the medal around your neck and do the victory arm raise in the mirror. Relive the moment, then lace up and go for a run! (probably leave the medal behind.)

half iron distance triathlon - Kerrville Triathlon Finisher

Enter another race:

Entering a race and putting money into it will help get your foot out the door when you don’t feel like it. You don’t want to waste that money! Plus, if you let everyone know you signed up, then you MUST keep your training going. Jack’s Generic Tri is part of the Texas Tri Series. There is 1 more awesome race in 2018, check it out.


If you don’t have time to catch up on new music or listen to your old faves, then remember a great time to do so is on a run or ride. Great music is a fun way to get yourself out the door.

Apple watch:

Why is it that closing rings and getting virtual awards is so addicting? It’s silly, but it works! If you have 27 days of your exercise goals, do you want to continue to 28 or let it die? Of course, you want to go for 28! So if you have an Apple Watch, be sure to utilize this feature.

While you’re out there – keep in mind that not everyone is physically able to do what you’re doing. Whether it be from a terminal illness, injury or physical handicap, many of these people would give anything to be in your shoes. So, stay motivated and do it for them!

JGT’s New Distance, Date & Venue

We are excited to announce that Jack’s Generic Triathlon will return on August 26, 2018. This last Sunday in August is hopeful to bring some nice weather as we head into fall.
After starting at Texas Ski Ranch, followed by a few years at Lake Pflugerville, Jack’s Generic will move to Walter E. Long Park in Austin, Texas. This will the first time Jack’s Generic Tri will be at this venue.

With the new venue, JGT, as it is loving called by its fans, will condense to one distance. The new distance will be a 600 meter Swim, 11.2-mile Bike, and 5K Run. This sprint distance will be a fun experience for both beginner and experienced athletes.  The event will also have a relay option, 2 or 3 person relay teams split the 3 disciplines. The event will also feature an Aquabike event with a 600 meter Swim and 11.2-mile Bike.

“We are really excited about the new venue and distance. Jack’s Generic Triathlon is our longest running triathlon, as we think that the triathlon community will enjoy the race even more in 2018” Stacy Keese, owner of High Five Events.

Jack’s Generic Triathlon was founded by Jack Murray & Stacy Keese in 2003, at a time when they thought many triathlons had forgotten about the participants. Events had become so focused on getting big sponsors, accommodating pro athletes, and trying to look good that they sometimes neglected the actual product – the race. Athletes ended up paying more, but their racing experience was actually less. Jack had the idea to put on a race with very little pomp & circumstance, yet at the core be a great race. It would be well organized, safe, good value, and of course, fun. It reminded him of the generic aisle at the supermarket: It’s the same quality products, sometimes even better, but you don’t have to pay for the fancy packaging. And hence, the name Jack’s Generic Triathlon was born.

Today, the event has a lot more fancy packaging, but at its core, it is still all about the participants. Each edition is designed, planned, and priced with you, at the forefront of the experience.

Registration for 2018 Jack’s Generic Triathlon is now open!


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