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As a result of heightened COVID-19 requirements and a lower number of registrations, we have determined that it is not economically viable to produce Jack’s Generic Tri on August 29th. We know that this news may be disappointing to you. We also understand the hours you have dedicated to training for this race. Please know that this cancellation was made with the determination to always produce the highest quality of events and to keep our other events that will continue this year.
We are offering free deferral to registered participants of the 2021 Jack’s Generic Triathlon due to the cancellation.
  • Entry fees can be deferred to 2022, 2023, or 2024.
  • Merchandise sales will defer with registration.
  • Spot insurance sales will be refunded.
  • Charity Donations and Membership Sales are final at the time of sale. No refunds and no deferrals.
Please email with any questions at

Refund, Deferral & Transfer Policy

See details below.



If you registered for the 2021 event you may apply to defer your registration to next year’s event.


  • Online transfer requests are available through August 15.

  • Transaction fees charged by the online registration provider cannot be refunded or transferred.

  • Registrations can only be transferred one time.

  • Transfers include a $10.00 transfer fee + registration price difference, if any. Price differences between events will not be refunded.
  • See chart below for transfer options and associated fees.

Transfer to Another Jack’s Generic Tri Event

  • Jack’s Genric Tri Events
  • Triathlon to/from Aquabike
  • Triathlon/ Aquabike to Triathlon Relay
  • Triathlon Relay to Triathlon/ Aquabike
  • Virtual
  • Transfer Fee
  • $0
  • $70
  • $10
  • $10

Transfer to Another High Five Event

  • Kerrville Triathlon – September 25 – 26
  • Sprint Triathlon/ Aquabike to Sprint Triathlon/ Aquabike
  • Sprint Triathlon/ Aquabike to Quarter Triathlon/ Aquabike
  • Sprint Triathlon/ Aquabike to Half Triathlon/ Aquabike
  • Sprint Triathlon/ Aquabike Relay to Sprint Triathlon Relay
  • Sprint Triathlon/ Aquabike Relay to Half Triathlon Relay
  • Virtual
  • Transfer Fee
  • $10
  • $60
  • $130
  • $10
  • $130
  • $10

Please email with any questions.